How can Psychological Contract be managed?

Performance Management

Performance management is not only about “doing my best”, but also “doing it right”. Rewarding employees correctly benefits their commitment and engagement.

Training and Development

Training and development are an advanced stage for an organization. Companies have to tailor their own training courses such as providing on-job instruction, coaching, mentoring or shadowing.


Communication is the basic skill set to influence employees and employers in day-to-day activities and feedback. It is time to revisit the suggestive meaning of their emotional states and non-verbal hits.


Leadership covers a range of areas, but it is not about exerting power. It is a mindset about taking full responsibility for teams and organisations. Integrity, positivity, and sympathy are required and all influenced by role-modelling effects.

Well-being and Stress Management

Feeling overwhelmingly stress, anxious, frustrated and depressed could be a signal to take a step back. Companies must be aware of workplace wellness and create a work-life balance so they will not get burnouts from work.

Values and Behaviors

Values and behaviors define employees, employers and managers themselves, eventually the whole organization. Values include professionalism, competency, commitment, respect, trust and kindness. This will be a heritage for the company in the future.

Why do you need us?

If your company is facing some problems such as unsatisfactory employees' performance and high labour turnover rate, we have established a Psychological Contract (Breach) Framework to assist companies strategically and professionally. This aims at making a success in talent management, knowledge retention, employee commitment and engagement.

Psychological Contract Introduction


  • What is Psychological Contract?

    Psychological Contract is an unwritten set of expectations in maintaining employment relationships including the existing employees and future talents.
  • How can Psychological Contract be applied to industries?

    Applying psychological contracts to industries can be complex and complicated. It is important to collect data from various companies and industries to understand the nature of the employees including their needs, expectations and reality. Employees are encouraged to be vocal about their welfare and so organizations can make individualized arrangements for them.
  • What are the benefits of managing Psychological Contract?

    Managing Psychological Contract is beneficial in many levels. Since employees’ feeling has been acknowledged by their employers, both key stakeholders can strike their ‘deal’ on their input and output. This can increase employees’ motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction. In the long run, this can retain knowledge and talents by the advancement of employee branding and organizational citizenship.
  • What are the limitations of Psychological Contract ?

    Psychological Contract is not as legitimate as a written and formal employment contract. It is related to the correlation between “promises” and “expectation” between employers and employees. When this exchanged relationship is “broken”, it is called Psychological Contract Breach. This might result in disagreements around individuals. Key stakeholders should be responsible for the weight of psychological contact in their organization, aiming to achieve a fine balance. Since the stress, anxiety and depression are common in this society, one wrong word can trigger a nervous breakdown. Emotional damage at work can be eternal.
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